A Case Study SEO Time And Money

Nothing on the internet is created equal not even the starting point of a new website. Its all about your desire effort and of course money. Usually the more you spend on SEO the better the results. That is of course your SEO provider are actually doing what they said they would

I have 2 clients in the same area of the country, Scotland. They have completely different ecommoerce shops, (of course they do as I would not take on 2 the same in the same area). I have just been looking at the results of the organic traffic after 7 months of work.

Bad SEO Practices

In the past they both have had SEO service providers before myself. One stopped regular SEO as his Ecommerce store was doing pretty well. Gradually the traffic started dropping off slowly until in December it hit rock bottom. The worst December sales in years and that’s when he found me. Of course it was too late to do anything for the Christmas sales that year.

The other customer had steady growth in the early part of 2017. Then he had rapid increase’s of traffic halfway through 2017. Yes there was a rapid increase of backlinks at the same time. Guess what happened next, his traffic bombed along with his sales. All his money had gone as well investing in the wrong type of SEO. It was 18 months before he had something left to invest in SEO again.

Traffic Comparison SEO Time And Money

As you can see one has just about recovered to where it was a long time ago. The other one is recovering but can you tell which one is which ?

SEO Is A Long Term Investment

One of the clients invested in my SEO quite heavily even before I had actually done any work for him. It was a simple telephone call which resulted in his leap of faith. The first 5 weeks was 20 hours SEO to start clearing the decks. There was an awful lot of thin content and unsuitable posts on the site. In fact nearly 200 posts, now there is around 50.

The next stage was 10 hour a week for the next 5 weeks. There was still a lot to do to get rid of the rubbish and get the rubbish de-indexed. After this point at has been a steady 5 hours a week. In that time I now manage his social media on all his channels, along with his email campaigns. I also keep his Google My Business page updated and respond to reviews. I handle all the digital and he does what he is good at

SEO Small Investment Results

Not every business has the budget to invest heavily in SEO. However you need to be investing in SEO on a regular basis because your competitors are. You need to be at least keeping pace with SEO rather than falling way behind. Once you are well behind in SEO the more investment it will take to get you back to page one.

This client has just done a steady 10 hours a month and of course progress is not as quick. To Be continued .