The Basic SEO Process

the process of basic seo

Ideally before aimlessly targeting a set of keywords the website needs to be in overall good shape, free from any technical issues. Holistically the site needs to be sound, yes google quotes “google ranks pages not sites’, however a greater user experience if your site is technically sound leads to longer time on site which … Read more

People Also Asked (PAA)

So I have post for a client an it is (was) doing great. It has been number 1 in many search terms for months but now reviewing it the organic traffic is declining. I run the URL through Page Optimiser Pro and its 100% for the target keyword ( I originally crafted the article before … Read more

How to rank in google today

unbersuggest screen shot of how to rank in google today

The Easy Guide To Rank In Google Today Now everyone that has a website wants to rank in google today of course. This guide is not a technical jargon filled guide with how to’s. This is for the average everyday website owner to be able to understand exactly what the processes are. If you would … Read more