People Also Asked (PAA)

So I have post for a client an it is (was) doing great. It has been number 1 in many search terms for months but now reviewing it the organic traffic is declining. I run the URL through Page Optimiser Pro and its 100% for the target keyword ( I originally crafted the article before using POP). Thats the first time I have had 100% on POP, unless its an error in the software.

So what is exactly happening, I need to delve deeper to see what is happening. The keywords are still up there but they are inside the People Also Asked boxes or featured snippets. The problem is that both of these provide the answer without the need to visit the actual website. Yes the traffic stops on the Google landscape!

This is the URL for the last 6 months, the big spike in traffic was when the topic was on national news. So its ranking well but CTR is declining , at its best it has been 8%, now the CT is 1.9%. Doing research and I came across a Brian Dean post which highlights the lack of interaction on PAA. So it seems that ranking number 1 isn’t always the answer anymore.

To Be continued