People Also Asked (PAA)

So I have post for a client an it is (was) doing great. It has been number 1 in many search terms for months but now reviewing it the organic traffic is declining. I run the URL through Page Optimiser Pro and its 100% for the target keyword ( I originally crafted the article before … Read more

SEO Small Ecommerce And A Small Budget

They say that SEO is basically unachievable on a small budget and that you will get nowhere. Recently on LinkedIn there was a post stating that for £500 a month you would probably just get site maintenance and nothing much more for that bargain basement price. Actually lots and lots of agencies we’re all agreeing … Read more

Case Study On Cannibalisation

case study on Cannibalisation

What Is Cannibalisation Of Content Keyword cannibalization means that you have various blog posts or articles on your site that can rank for the same search query in Google. Either because the topic they cover is too similar or because you optimized them for the same keyphrase. If you optimize posts or articles for similar search queries, they’re eating … Read more

The Case Study Of Increasing Traffic With SEO

This site provides services to the general public. The timeframe of this study is 16 months and with a set budget each month. The first stage was to audit the site first using Ahrefs and SERanking. The next stage was a manual audit and bring all the data together. Get The Basics Right At this … Read more

A Case Study SEO Time And Money

google organic traffic comparison charts

Nothing on the internet is created equal not even the starting point of a new website. Its all about your desire effort and of course money. Usually the more you spend on SEO the better the results. That is of course your SEO provider are actually doing what they said they would I have 2 … Read more

How to rank in google today

unbersuggest screen shot of how to rank in google today

The Easy Guide To Rank In Google Today Now everyone that has a website wants to rank in google today of course. This guide is not a technical jargon filled guide with how to’s. This is for the average everyday website owner to be able to understand exactly what the processes are. If you would … Read more

Optimising Images In WordPress Alt text and Size

portrait of half a face use both the title and the alt text to optimise an image

I have come across many a clients site and it always worries me that they are not optimising images in WordPress. It’s such a simple task to complete and its good for SEO. There is the title image where you should put more than the SKU number. Then there is the Alt tag to populate … Read more

DIY SEO Do It Yourself SEO


Starting out in business is a difficult path usually for everyone. There is always a cost involved in everything when setting up a business so I know its tempting for DIY SEO. Is DIY SEO even possible? Yes it is possible but you have to follow the rules of SEO and don’t expect miracles. Do … Read more